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John J. and William F. Schoregge
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XXXIX
p. 1248

John J. and William F. Schoregge both practiced law in Renville county, the former at Olivia and the latter at Fairfax. They were the sons of Dr. Henry Schoregge, who was born in Beilifeldt, Province of Westphalia, Germany, during the time it was under the control and domination of Napoleon. Casper Schoregge, father of Dr. Henry Schoregge, was with Napoleon's army thirteen years, and was in command of a regiment until Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. After his return [he] became commander of the "Black Hussars." Later, as the result of many wounds, he was retired and given the Iron Cross. Dr. Henry Schoregge finished his education at Heidelberg. He was married at some point on the Rhine (probably Frankfort or Bingen) about 1840 to a daughter of the Laydner family. In 1850 he came to Boston. His oldest son, John J., came to Minnesota for his health in 1867 and in 1870 the entire family, consisting of parents and five children, John J., Charles, William F., Helen and Anna, settled in Beaver Falls, this county. John J. Schoregge married Mary Langes, and was admitted to the bar at Glencoe, settling in Olivia in 1890. He died November 17, [1912]. Little is known of William F. He came from Glencoe to Fairfax, was a most brilliant lawyer, but of unfortunate inclinations, and finally drifted west.

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