Minnesota Tales

The Renville Star Farmer, December 22, 1905, p. 1



Monday afternoon Lewis Danielson and Hans Olson of South Sacred Heart were bringing some stock to town. Mr. Danielson was delivering two head to the stock yards for Geo. W. Pettis, Jr., and Mr. Olson a fat cow to the slaughter house for Roberts & Duerdin. When they reached the slaughter house the cow tried to get away and Mr. Danielson secured the rope in an endeavor to hold her, but was unable to do so, and as we are informed, the rope was wound around his wrist or fastened in some manner so that he was unable to get free and was dragged some distance, and through some wire. When at length he was picked up it was found that he had sustained a compound fracture of the bones of one of his legs just above the ankle, the bone protruding through the flesh. It was at once seen to be a very serious case and he was brought to the home of P. P. Olson in this city and Drs. Clay and Lumley called to care for his injuries.

Under the most favorable circumstances he will suffer a long time, and be confined to the house nearly all winter.

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