Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, October 3, 1907, p. 6


When a man called up Harry Wilcox Saturday evening and said he was Walter Hill of St. Paul and would Mr. Wilcox loan him an automobile so he could go fishing Sunday. Mr. Wilcox sent it, as directed, to the St. Paul Commercial club. There the chauffeur found the request was from a bogus Walter Hill, not the real one. While he was finding this out, someone got into the auto, but failing to start the engine, got away in a hurry, leaving a coat and a grip in which was a shaving mug marked "B." The car was brought back to Minneapolis and later someone called up Mr. Wilcox again and put up a story about "some mistake, and will you please leave the coat and grip at a hotel and I'll call for them." Detectives watched the hotel in vain.

But "Mr. Walter Hill" got his ride, after all. He worked the same sort of story on the people at the Caplin garage, Fifth avenue and Fifth street S. And he took the machine, too, when it hauled up in front of the St. Paul Commercial club, and he took two young women and went to a city in southern Minnesota. They came back to Minneapolis two days later. At Forty-fifth street and Lyndale avenue S, the car broke down, and the party came the rest of the way by trolley. Then "Mr. Hill" called up the garage and told the people there to go and get the car, and to send the bill to Walter Hill, care Great Northern railway, St. Paul.

Allen Barr was arrested and arraigned in police court late yesterday charged with obtaining the automobile from the Caplin garage under fales pretenses. Barr says he didn't steal the machine, he only borrowed it.

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