Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, December 18, 1916, p. 1

Burglar Raid Nets Coppers Dog and Cats.

"Shoot to Kill" Detectives Disturb Peaceful Animal Party, but Excited Householder Insists He Heard Bandits.

Two patrol wagons and a touring car, loaded to capacity with patrolmen and detectives, raced to the home of F. I. Hunt, 123 Irving avenue N. early today after F. E. Buck, who lives on the second floor, reported that burglars were raiding the building.

Buck declared that he heard two robbers and on second call for help he said that the men had finished with the Hunt flat and were on their way upstairs to his apartment.

The police surrounded the house and then went inside to "shoot to kill."

They found "Tommy," a French poodle, sleeping on a chair, and a cat and three kittens purring in the basement. Everything in the house was in order. There were no scratches on the poodle's face nor any fur missing from the cat.

Buck still says he heard burglars.

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