Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, April 20, 1892


The Gun Men Hold A Sweepstake Tournament.

The monthly sweepstake tournament of the Minneapolis Gun club was held on the club grounds yesterday afternoon. In spite of the cold and high wind, there was a large attendance and some excellent scores were made. Six sweeps were shot, including the two regular events. In the club badge shoot at fifteeen singles and five pairs, Catamaran won the senior badge by a score of twenty-one; Fox captured the junior badge with nineteen, and Ellis the amateur with twenty. Twenty-five singles were shot in the Minneapolis Brewing company's badge shoot, Catamaran winning by cracking twenty-four birds.

The first sweep was at 10 singles and 2 pairs. Richter, Fox and Catamaran tied for first money with scores of 14 each; Ensign won second money with 13, and Stokes third with 12. In the second event, at 20 singles, Catamaran hit 18 birds, and won first money; Ensign second, with 15, and Richter, Stokes, Dailey and Harrison tied for third, each having a score of 13.

First money in the third event, of 15 singles, was won by Dailey, he missing but one; Richter, Stokes, Fox, Harrison and Ensign each broke 13, and tied for second money, while Catamaran walked off with third. The fourth event had 10 singles and 3 pairs for a mark, and Ensign won first money, missing but 2 birds; Richter and Stokes tied for second money, with scores of 13 each; Dailey, Harrison and Catamaran each made 12, and tied for third money.

The honors of the day were carried off thuswise: Catamaran won the first average, Ensign second, Stokes third, Richter fourth, and Dailey fifth.

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