Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Evening Journal, December 17, 1885, p. 2

Will Be Cut Here.

The Stone Arch Work to Be Done by Minneapolis Workingmen.

The council last night awarded to contract for the stone work on the piers and abutments of the stone arch bridge to Ring & Tobin at the price given in last night's JOURNAL - $11.95 per cubic yard for stone dressed in Minneapolis. Their bid was $11.25 for stone dressed at the quarry, but the committee recommended to have the stone dressed here so as to give employment to the most men.

R. H. Shadrick called the attention of the council to a clause in the bid of Ring & Tobin which would enable them to have work done out of the city in case of disagreement between the workmen and the contractors. This he considered a dangerous condition, and the council should adopt the necessary safeguard at the beginning.

Mr. Tobin stated that he had intended to have the council act as arbitrator in case of any difficulty between himself and men. After some discussion the following resolution by Alderman Johnson was adopted.

There shall be incorporated into the contract between Ring & Tobin and the city of Minneapolis for the construction of the stone arch bridge, a clause that in case of any dispute between the laborers and Ring & Tobin the city council shall be the arbitrators.

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