Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, September 7, 1892, p. 2


Officers Walsh and Galvin Let Out of a Job.

Patrolman John R. Walsh and Louis J. Galvin, of the central detail, were dismissed from the force yesterday by the mayor. The charge against Galvin was leaving his beat and drinking with a prisoner, and against Walsh for drinking with a prisoner and beating him. Both of the officers denied the charges, but the mayor's secretary said the evidence was conclusive. They were given a chance to resign but declined, and the mayor discharged them.

Sergt. Dowlan, of the Margaret street station, was before the mayor charged with neglect of duty. The complaint made by one of his superior officers was that he had neglected to visit the patrolman at the corner of Acker and Mississippi streets on Monday night. The investigation took about two hours, but the mayor's secretary said the charge was not proven, and no action was taken by the mayor.

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