Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, September 7, 1892, p. 2


The Probate Court at Work Upon an Old Scandal.

Rev. Robert Forbes was before the probate court yesterday upon an inquiry as to his sanity. It will be remembered that he was thought to be insane some months ago and wandered away from home. He was pastor of the Jackson Street M. E. church and presiding elder of the St. Paul district. He has adhered to the opinion that his wife has been unfaithful with him and has bestowed her affection upon a Mr. Leybourne. The examination was partly made yesterday and continued until today. There is a diversity of opinion as to his samity. Rev. David Morgan and Frank Doran testify that he is insane; while A. H. Lohiker as readily testifies to his soundness of mind. Rev. Forbes has been preaching lately at Cloquet and Hinckley. Mrs. Forbes is now in Buffalo, New York. The information of insanity was made by church officials, who think he should be treated at the Rochester asylum.

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