Minnesota Tales

The Jackson Republic, December 4, 1900, Part 2, page 1


They Are Made in Considerable Variety and Most Commonly Sold in Cities.

This is the season when its owner looks out to see that dolly shall be carefully protected against the cold when taken out for an airing. So the dolls' furs are brought into use; or, if the doll has none, some are bought for it. These may be found in considerable variety of style, material and price. Doll's furs include muffs, and collarettes and boas. All these things are made in various sizes and then are commonly sold in sets. As to material, the costlier are made of a fur in imitation of ermine and of sealskin, such furs being lined with silk or with satin, in one color and another, and muffs and collarettes finished just as those for grown-up people would be.

Doll's furs, according to the material of which they are made and the style of finish, sell at from 50 cents, or perhaps less, a set, up to three dollars. They are, of course, sold only in the colder parts of the country, where furs would ordinarily be worn. And while there are some articles of dolls' equipment that, like the dolls themselves, are sold in the city and country alike, dolls' furs are sold chiefly in cities.

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