Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, September 11, 1895, page 8


Mayor Smith Has No Big Hunting Story to Tell.

Mayor Smith returned home yesterday after a week's sojourn in Becker county, where his honor has beguiled the time gunning for prairie chickens and ducks and incidently angling for bass and pickerel. Prairie chickens, so the mayor says, were painfully scarce in the Lake Park region and as for fish, one pickerel and one bass represented the result of two days' angling. After three days' hunting his honor gathered in only seven prairie chickens, so he turned his attentions to ducks on the fourth day with more encouraging results, as he succeeded in bagging fifteen of them. As soon as the weather cools off the mayor will sally forth again, but will press further on this time, and try his luck in Clay county in a region some thirty miles northwest of Lake Park.

Referring to the condition of the crops in Becker county the mayor said that they had far exceeded his expectations. Farms that had yielded but twelve bushels of wheat to the acre last year, had raised thirty bushels this year. The farm of Jonas Erickson had yielded thirty-five bushels to an acre. Little or no smut was found in the Becker county wheat.

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