Minnesota Tales

The Renville Star Farmer, December 22, 1905, p. 1



It is always with pleasure that we note improvements going on in our midst, but more especially when we find a gap in the main street filled by so substantial a structure as that erected by E. M. Holton for his new butcher shop. The building is built of artificial stone, 25x60, 14 feet high, with basement. It was commenced last summer and built gradually until it's completion. The furniture and fixtures are from the well known firm of Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co., of St. Paul, and are of the latest style. The ice box alone is 10x18, 12 feet high. The butcher shop proper is 32 feet long and the lobby where the blocks and meat counter are placed is 28x25. The floor is of Georgia pine and oiled. The interior is nicely papered and painted, with a fine steel ceiling and has a plate glass front.

Mr. Holton came to Renville fourteen years ago and started a shop in company with his brother in a small way in a building then owned by S. N. Olson, where his present shop stands, but was burned out shortly after, the time of the big fire. Then they started up in the Baade building, now occupied by the office of the Farmer's Lumber Co. A few years later they moved into the present quarters and shortly thereafter Mr. Holton purchased his brothers interest and has been alone ever since with the exception of the time when the business was carried on by A. R. Holmberg. Mr. Holton has seen his business grow from a small beginning until by Jan. 1st, he will move into and be serving the public with choice steaks from his brand new shop, one of the finest this side of the cities and one that he may well be proud of.

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