Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, July 3, 1902, p. 2


August Wahpaska, in Stillwater for Larceny, of Unsound Mind.

The state board of pardons at a special meeting held yesterday afternoon for that purpose granted a pardon to August Wahpaska, who has for some time past been an inmate of the Stillwater penitentiary, but is mentally unsound, and who will be deported at the expense of the state to Finland, whence he came, and where he has relatives and a legal residence. Wahpaska was sentenced from Duluth for the crime of grand larceny in the second degree to serve a term of two years. It was found that he had been in this country but a short time and was not in sound mental condition at the time of his arrival, so steps were taken by W. G. Gates, state agent of the board of control, to have him pardoned and deported.

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