Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, October 3, 1907, p. 6


Thomas Murray Lavishly Hospitable, But Careless.

When Thomas Murray, a boy on crutches, made his way up and down Washington avenue yesterday afternoon beseeching everybody to come in and have something at his expense, the police were set womdering where he got the money for such lavish hospitality. They finally asked him about that and he replied that he had soaked his cork leg.

But in the police court, where he found himself today, he had another version to offer.

"The fact is, judge," he said, "I came up from Illinois where I work in the coal mines to get my cork leg repaired."

Judge Smith wanted to know why he had come so far, passing by the considerable city of Chicago on the way, and when Murray didn't quite succeed in clearing up that phase of the case, he imposed a fine of $5, with the alternative of five days in the workhouse.

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