Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, July 31, 1902, p. 2


Dr. Ohage Plans New Improvement for Accommodation of Picnic Parties.

For the accommodation of the many picnic parties that use Harriet Island, Health Commissioner Ohage is preparing to arrange a kitchen which will be equipped with everything necessary for cooking and serving purposes. Many of the picnic crowds now build a fire in the open air, and the installation of the kitchen is for the purpose of removing the danger of a bad fire from flying sparks. The kitchen will be free to all who want to use it.

Dr. Ohage announces that when the conference committee meets he will ask that $30,000 be placed in the budget for the baths. Of the amount $15,000 is to be used in completing the improvements planned last year. These include the dredging of the slough to the south of the island, the construction of a harbor for small boats, the increasing of the island's area, and the possible erection of another pavilion. The remainder of the money will be used for maintenance.

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