Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, July 11, 1895. page 2



The Governor's Secretary Back from a Trip in Southwest Minnesota and Adjacent Territory.

Tams Bixby, private secretary to Gov. Clough, came home this morning from a business trip through southwest Minnesota, southeast South Dakota and northwest Iowa, and says that the frost of Monday night did a great deal of damage to corn. Mr. Bixby was along the railway lines between Sioux City, Iowa, to Sioux Falls, S. D., and from Sioux Falls back into Iowa to Sheldon. Fully 50 per cent of the growing corn, he says, was touched quite heavily by the frost, and wilted for from one-half to two-thirds of the way down from the top. This, Mr. Bixby understands, means that the ear germs have been killed. The newspapers have had very little or nothing to say about this frost, and if it was as serious as Mr. Bixby represents, and is at all widespread, the yield will be affected considerably. Of course, Mr. Bixby knows nothing of the situation back from the railroad tracks. The condition to which he refers, however, exists along the tracks for the whole of the territory which he has been over.

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