Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, December 18, 1916, p. 1


Pampered Minnehaha Pets Begin Long Postponed Winter Nap - Improvident Squirrels to Be Fed.

The three park board bears at Minnehaha Falls tried to defy nature and "stay up after bedtime," but today they gave it up and by noon were snoring lustily, scheduled to keep it up till some time in March or April.

What the sandman failed at, Jack Frost accomplished.

Nature Overcomes "Civilization."

"Civilization," and more particularly the assurance of three square meals daily, brought to them by somebody else, for a time seemed to have played havoc with nature's plans, and all through the early part of the winter the three bears refused to hibernate.

But today, when they thrust three chilled muzzles out of their den and found the temperature 13 below zero, they scurried back to bed. The animal men at the park said the bears would stay in bed now till spring.

Lazy Squirrels to Be Fed.

"Spoiled" by constant feeding by park visitors, the gray squirrels in Loring park adopted grasshopper tactics last summer and last fall and refused to store up food against the coming of winter, as is the custom of wild squirrels. Consequently, it was necessary for the park board to begin feeding them daily rations of English walnuts today.

Instructions were given the men to give none of the walnuts to the red squirrels in the park, which are considered pests, but this did little good, as one wee red squirrel, when he has his health, can make it interesting for half a dozen flat grays, and the little fellows helped themselves.

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