Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Pioneer, July 7, 1869

The Races.

On the fifth several races occurred at Minneapolis, that attracted a large crowd of spectators.

The first race was between Archer's colt, Hood's sorrel colt, and Kelley's bay mare, best two in three, mile heats, for a purse of $50. Archer's colt won in three straight heats. The time we did not learn precisely - about three minutes.

The second race was between G. W. Crummey's Tempest and French Tommy, best three in five, mile heats, for $100 to the winning horse, and $25 to the second, best. This race was a very exciting one and was won by Tempest, but not without a hard struggle. Tempest took the first, second and fifth heats, in 2:41, 2:42 and and 2:47. Tommy took the third and fourth heats, in 2:43 and 2:45.

After the above race the horse French Tommy was sold by Mr. Peppin to Mr. Deshon, for $1,200, and his name was changed to Native, by which he will be hereafter known in the sporting world.

The third race was between Deshon's mare, Nellie Gray, and Archer's colt, for a purse of $50, best two in three. The mare won in two straight heats.

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