Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, December 18, 1916, p. 12

Tiny Lad Is Headliner.

A tiny lad on a hobby horse, rocking furiously back and forth, carried off the honors at the New Palace this week. Juvenile performers often are self-conscious little nuisances but this child of the J. C. Lewis, Jr., company, is one of the best little actors ever seen in vaudeville. With the assistance of his tinier sister and, presumably, of the rest of the family, he carries through a little sketch about Christmas that is appropriate for the present week and that will delight every child who visits the theater. It is one of the happiest little acts seen here in many weeks.

Others on the bill are John Josefsson and company who offer an exhibition of "Glima," the national sport of Iceland. Josefsson shows the art of self defense in a short but exciting act. The Garcinette brothers, with the assistance of a bulldog, offer an athletic exhibition, hat throwing and ball bouncing. Wilson and Whitman are singers and so are Murphy, Howard and Rudolph. There is another chapter of "The Scarlet Runner."

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