Minnesota Tales

The Renville Star Farmer, December 22, 1905, p. 1



As we stated last week the sub-committee of the city charter committee reported their work to the full committee Friday evening. They had given a good deal of their time for ten days in devising a charter, if adopted that would meet all requirements of the people of the municipality. Their work was carefully gone over and discussed. So well was this done that there was nothing but minor changes made in the whole work. At the conclusion the charter was signed by each member of the committee and ordered filed with the village president. It decided to hold the election early in January, and if carried, the city election will be held the second Tuesday in March, the same as the village election is now being held. From what we have been able to glean from a casual glance it appears to us that a municipality operating under a city charter would have greater advantages than under our present system. We would have home rule and independent action. All elective officers serving free of charge, or expense would be in the interest of economy. The provision for creating a sinking fund to pay off our bonded indebtedness is another wise move. When the document is placed before the people for their consideration they can study the matter out for themselves and learn of the benefit derived from living under a home rule charter.

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