Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Daily Globe, February 20, 1885, p. 2

The Woman's Home.

The lady managers of the Minnesota Magdalen society, whose retreat is located on the corner of Somerset and Stillwater streets, will give a supper on Thursday evening of next week in the lower hall of the state house for the benefit of the institution. These ladies are composed of members of several churches and say that while this lay-out will be no festival supper, it will be a good, generous and appetizing spread of oysters, turkey, coffee and substantial coucomitants, for which a fee of 50 cents will be charged. These ladies hope to attain a generous attendance of the legislature and the citizens of St. Paul upon this feast, having as their object the securing of funds towards paying off a debt of $3,000 on their Woman's Christian home, as it is called, so that they may sell it and from the proceeds buy a larger structure further out of the city which will give them sorely needed room. Since 1874, when the legislature gave this society an appropriation of $1,500, it has been entirely supported by voluntary contributions, which its managers, besides doing the work, have largely borne. There are nineteen inmates in the home occupying all available room, and there are seven more persons asking admittance.

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