Minnesota Tales

The Minneapolis Journal, December 18, 1916, p. 1


Judge Bardwell Doles Out Heavy Sentences in Effort to Check Crimes.

Ar [sic] the day's result of the police round-up of undesirables in an effort to check holdups and robberies, Municipal Judge W. W. Bardwell today sentenced 13 men, arrested for vagrancy, to serve a total of 540 days in the workhouse.

Three prisoners drew 90 days, one 75 days, three 30 days, four 20 days, one 15 days and one 10 days.

Armed [with good] descriptions of two of the band, detectives today searched Minneapolis for the three highwaymen who late Saturday night shot Archie V. Duncanson, 3520 Portland avenue, and beat Miss Blanche Lewis, 4320 Bryant avenue S, at Forty-third street and Bryant avenue S.

The nightly patrol of streets by armed policemen in plain clothes hunting bandits is now arranged so that there is at least one man on every street as far out as Sixteenth street. [Beyond] Sixteenth street the patrols are arranged like the spokes of a great wheel.

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