1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ward 11

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Ward 11 comprises all of the City of St Paul lying west of the Fifth, Seventh and Eighth wards, and south of University Av.
R. L. Polk & Co 1910 St. Paul City Directory

Referencing the City Directory's description for Wards 5, 7 and 8 the boundary of Ward 1 can be described as follows: Commencing at the western city limits and University Av, go southeast and east on University Av to Lexington Av, then south on Lexington Av to Marshall Av, then west on Marshall Av to Hamline Av, then south on Hamline Av to the Mississippi River, then west and north along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning.

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
143 1 [no description available]
144 2 [no description available]
145 3 From St Anthony to Aldine to Ashland to Dewey.
146 3 From University to Pascal to Ashland to Aldine.
147 3 From University to Lexington to Marshall to Hamline.
148 4 From St Anthony to Dewey to Marshall to Cleveland.
149 4 From Marshall to Dewey to Laurel to the Mississippi River.
150 5 From Laurel to Prior to Summit to Prior to Randolph to the Mississippi River.
151 5 From Laurel to Dewey to Ashland to Snelling to Randolph to Prior.
152 5 From Ashland to Hamline to Randoph to Snelling.
153 6 From Randolph to Hamline to Montreal to the Mississippi River.
154 6 From Montreal to Hamline to the Mississippi River (north and west).

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