1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ward 2

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Ward 2 comprises all of the portion of the city lying to the eastward of the Northern Pacific Railway tracks, from the northern boundary of the city to the intersection of said tracks with Brook and east of the center line of Brook, and Brook extended from such point of intersection to the Mississippi River.
R. L. Polk & Co 1910 St. Paul City Directory

Referencing the St. Paul City map in Polk's 1909 St. Paul City Directory, the Northern Pacific Ry tracks ran as follows: Starting from Brook street, running northbound just east of Bradley Street and Bradford Street, then running eastbound just south of Decatur Street and Beaumont Street, then running northbound just east of Payne Avenue to Arlington, then running eastbound just south of Wells Street to the junction of East 7th Street and Earl Street, then running eastbound on the north side of East 7th Street for two blocks, then running northbound to the city limits about one block west of Fisher Street and rounding the southeast corner of Lake Phalen.

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
36 1 From Wakefield Ave to Earl to the Mississippi River to Plum
37 1 and 10 From Wakefield to the city limits to Laurel to Mississippi
38 2 [no description available]
39 3 [no description available]
40 4 and 5 From E 7th to Arcade to E 5th and Mendota to E 4th to Maple
41 4 From Minnehaha to Earl to 4th to Mendota to E 5th to Arcade to 7th
42 6 [no description available]
43 7 From the Northern Pacific Railway to Duluth Ave to Minnehaha to Forest
44 7 From Jessamine to Prosperity Ave to Tracy Ave to E 7th to Clarence to Minnehaha to Duluth Ave to the Northern Pacific Railway
45 8 [no description available]
46 9 [no description available]
47 11 From E 4th to Earl to Conway to Maple
48 11 From Conway to Earl to Wakefield to Maple

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