1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ward 3

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Ward 3 of St. Paul is bounded on the north by the First and Ninth wards, on the east by the Second ward, on the south by the Mississippi River, and on the west by Jackson.
R. L. Polk & Co 1910 St. Paul City Directory

Referencing the City Directory's description for Wards 1 and 9, the boundary of Ward 3 can be described as follows: Commencing at the Mississippi River and Jackson Street, go northwest on Jackson Street to Grove Street, then northeast and east on Grove Street to the Northern Pacific Ry tracks, then following the tracks south to Brook Street, then southeast on Brook Street and Brook Street extended to the Mississippi River, and then southwest along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning.

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
49 1 and 2 [no description available]
50 3 [no description available]
51 4 [no description available]
52 5 & 6 [no description available]

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