1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ward 8

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Ward 8 commences at the northwest corner of section 24 in township 29, range 23; thence south along Dale to Carroll Av; thence east on Carroll Av to Farrington Av; thence south on Farrington Av to Marshall Av; thence east on Marshall Av to Louis; thence south on Louis to Nelson Av; thence east on Nelson Av to Summit Av; thence northeasterly on Summit Av to Rice; thence north on Rice to Larpenteur Av to the place of beginning.
R. L. Polk & Co 1910 St. Paul City Directory

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
108 1 [no description available]
109 2 [no description available]
110 3 [no description available]
111 4 [no description available]
112 5 From University to Rice to W. Central to Jay
113 5 From University to Jay to W. Central to Western
114 6 From Edmund to Rice to University to Gaultier
115 6 From Edmund to Gaultier to University to Western
116 7 [no description available]
117 8 [no description available]
118 9 [no description available]
119 10 [no description available]
120 11 From Front to Rice to the Great Northern Railway to Gaultier
121 11 From Front to Gaultier to the Great Northern Railway to Western
122 12 From Cook to Rice to Front to Western
123 12 From Larpenteur to Rice to Cook to Western
124 13 [no description available]
125 14 [no description available]

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