1910 St. Paul Cemeteries
From R. L. Polk & Co 1910 St. Paul City Directory

Calvary , Forest Cemetery Association , German Lutheran , Mt. Zion , Norwegian Lutheran , Oakland Cemetery Association , Roselawn  Cemetery , Russian Hebrew , Sons Of Jacob , Union Cemetery Association , West St. Paul German Lutheran

CALVARY(Catholic) Front near Como Av. Office: St. Peter St entrance to the Cathedral. Sec, J P O'Connor; Actuary, Stephen Lendway.
FOREST CEMETERY ASSOCIATIONEdgerton near the city limits. Supt, Anthony Ambrosini.
GERMAN LUTHERANDale northeast corner Nebraska Av. Supt, Otto C Jaeger.
MT. ZION(Mt. Zion Hebrew Congregation) Payne Av northeast corner Larpenteur Av. Supt, Joseph Wohl.
NORWEGIAN LUTHERANWest side of Rice, one mile north of the city limits.
OAKLAND CEMETERY ASSOCIATIONInc. June 27, 1853. Cemetery at the head of Jackson Street. 100 acres. Secretary's office, 200-201 Nat'l G A Bk bldg. Pres, J W Bishop; Sec and Supt, F D Willis; Treas, W A Miller.
ROSELAWN CEMETERYLarpenteur Av opposite Quincy. Office, 515 N Y Life bldg. Pres, John Townsend; Vice Pres, F B Tiffany; Sec and Treas, H B Wenzell; Supt, H M Turner.
RUSSIAN HEBREWEast side of Duncan first north of Maryland.
SONS OF JACOBSouth side of White Bear Rd first east of Payne Av.
UNION CEMETERY ASSOCIATIONBetween 7th and Minnehaha one-half mile east of the city limits. Office, 329 E 7th. Pres, A T Rosen; Vice Pres, J M Carlson; Sec, C J Rudeen; Treas, A G Johnson.
WEST ST. PAUL GERMAN LUTHERANAnnapolis northeast corner Brown Av. Supt, Gottlieb Stolzmann.

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