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Ole A. Stensvad
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XXIX
p. 678

Ole A. Stensvad, president of the Renville State Bank, was born in Waseca county, Minnesota, January 17, 1876. His father, Andrew Stensvad, and his mother, Ingerbord Stensvad, were born in Norway, and immigrated to America and settled in Waseca county, Minnesota, as some of the first settlers, in the year of 1849, where they farmed extensively for over forty years. They raised a family of nine children. Ole A. Stensvad received his education in the country school and later attended school at New Richland, Minnesota. Upon leaving school, at the age of 18 years, he was employed as assistant buttermaker at Hartland, Minnesota, and the following winter completed a buttermaker's course at the Minnesota State Dairy School at St. Paul, Minnesota, and then was employed as a buttermaker at the Smith's Mills, Minnesota. In the year 1895, together with two brothers, he purchased a line of several creameries in Sioux county, Iowa, and was engaged very extensively in the dairy and creamery business until the year of 1902. He then disposed of his entire creamery holdings and intended to retire from further business, but not being contented, he accepted a position with the De Laval Cream Separator Company as Minnesota representative, which position he held until the fall of 1907 when, with his associates, he purchased the Renville State Bank, and located at Renville, Minnesota, where he is an active officer, in addition to his extensive farming interests in Renville county. In 1900 he was married to Mabel E. Dodds, of Rock Valley, Iowa. Four children have blessed their union. He is a prominent member of the Norwegian Lutheran Church and is identified with local politics.

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