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The Tuberculor Sanatorium
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XXX
p. 742-743

September 10, 1913, a request was made by the Minnesota State Sanatorium Board to have the county of Renville in connection with adjoining counties build a sanatorium for tubercular patients. After considering the proposition some time it was decided to employ a traveling nurse in the county for six months. The board directed the county auditor to transfer $8,905.35 from the county revenue fund to the joint sanatorium fund and to forward the amount of $8,905.35 to the state treasurer to the credit of the state of said sanatorium fund. Oct. 14, 1913, Dr. Robertson Bosworth of the Minnesota Advisory Sanatorium Commission appeared before the county boards of Renville and Redwood and presented the matter of erecting a tuberculosis sanatorium jointly by the two counties. Besides the board members the following were also present: Dr. E. M. Clay, Dr. F. W. Penhall, Dr. H. B. Cole, Dr. H. L. D'Arms and other individuals. The Renville county board decided to appropriate the sum of $5,000 for a tuberculosis sanatorium provided that Chippewa and Yellow Medicine counties would also join with them with a similar appropriation for a joint sanatorium of at least three counties.

The results may be seen in the following article from the Granite Falls "Tribune." "A year from now there will be located a mile east of this city a tuberculosis sanatorium that will rank second to not one in the state; a place where the counties of Lac qui Parle, Chippewa and Yellow Medicine may have their people who are afflicted with this dread disease treated in a manner that will effect, if possible, a cure.

"On Tuesday, Aug. 24, 1915, the bids were let for the construction and finish of the buildings that will comprise this sanitarium. In letting the bids the Board of Control acted largely upon the advice of the committee composed of D. A. McLarty and Ole Flaten, of this city, and Dr. Smith, of Montevideo, who have had the preparatory work in charge. The lowest bidder for the general construction work was the firm of C. Ash & Son, of St. Paul, the bid being $37,500. The highest bid was $52,000. The plumbing contract was awarded to the Worthington Company, of Minneapolis, for the sum of $3,781. The heating contract was awarded to the Healy Company, of St. Paul, the consideration being $8,399. The electric wiring and fixtures will in all probability be let to the Twin City Electrical Company, for $1,380, that bid being the lowest. The General Concrete Construction Company will build the mammoth chimney for the power house, for which it will receive $895.

"There will be three buildings upon the grounds, for besides the main building and power house, the former Jannusch house will be rebuilt for the use of the nurses.

"The main building will be two stories in height with a full basement, built of pressed brick. The building will have a capacity of 44 beds, besides the necessary room for the medical staff.

"It is thought that this sanatorium will be able to take of the tuberculars of the four counties. Admission to the sanitarium will be gained through the Commissioners of the applicant's county. As we understand it, if the patient is able to pay, a moderate charge will be asked; if not able to pay, the state and county will bear the expense, the state's limit being $6 a week for each patient."

The care and governorship of the building will rest with the general committee of nine appointed from the four counties. Situated as this sanitarium is on the bank of the Minnesota river the place can be made very beautiful and attractive, and in being such can aid those who seek health through it.

The River Side Sanatorium will be completed early in 1916 at a cost of some $65,000. It is located in Chippewa county across the river from Granite Falls. The president of the board is D. A. McLarty of Granite Falls, and the secretary is O. P. Flaten of the same place. The board is constituted as follows: Chippewa county, O. P. Flaten, Granite Falls; Dr. L. G. Smith, Montevideo; Fred Bakke, Granite Falls; Yellow Medicine, D. A. McLarty, Granite Falls; Dr. W. M. Stratton, Granite Falls; Lac qui Parle county, Dr. M. H. Marken, Boyd; J. R. Swan, Madison; Renville county, Timothy O'Connor, Renville; Darwin S. Hall, Olivia. Dr. Stratton is dead and his place has been filled by K. E. Neste, of Granite Falls. Mrs Sara W. Dunton has been appointed superintendent.

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