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Hof Congregation Sacred Heart
(By Rev. T. J. Oppedahl.)
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XL
p. 1265

This congregation was organized June 23, 1871, by Rev. Lars O. Rustad, a member of the Hauges Evangelical Lutheran Synode, and also having charge of several congregations near Willmar, [Kandiyohi] county, Minnesota. He was the first representative of the Hauges Synode that ever held any religious service in and around the village of Sacred Heart. The first service was held in 1870. A few of the pioneer members of this church can be mentioned, Lars Ingebretson, Hendrik Lien, Ole Skalbeck, Hendrik Berg, Ole Hendrikson, Andrias Erikson, Fredrik O. Johnson, Christian Krogfos, Ole Oppegaard, Ole Johnson, etc.

A church was built and partly finished in 1880; it was located about a half mile southwest from the village of Sacred Heart. A number of years later, namely in 1891, the church was moved into the village, and it was then completely finished, and has a seating capacity of 200 people. The church was built under the pastorate of Johannes Halverson. It was finished and dedicated under the pastorate of Rev. T. J. Oppedahl.

The congregation bought a dwelling house a few blocks from where the church is now located; this house they rebuilt, enlarged and remodeled, and it is now a most modern and complete parsonage.

The congregation has also a cemetery of its own; it is located near the original site of the church.

The following pastors have had charge of this church: Rev. Lars Olen Rustad (1871-1878); Rev. Johannes Halverson (1878-1890); Rev. T. J. Oppedahl (1890-1905); Rev. S. Brekke (1906-1910); Rev. A. 0. Nes (1910-1913); Rev. T. J. Oppedahl, who is now serving the congregation the second time.

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