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The Methodist Episcopal Church of Hector
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XL
p. 1289-1290

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Hector. Methodism was first introduced into Hector in the year of 1876 by J. N. McDonald, a local preacher, this place being one point on a very large circuit. From 1876 to 1886 the place was visited nearly every week by a Methodist preacher, and the following labored in this field during that time: F. J. Fisher, M. W. Atkinson, G. R. Geer, Geo. Merritt and I. H. Snell. A church was built in 1887 under the leadership of John Morgan, and it was dedicated on July 1, 1888, the cost being $2,000. The same church is being used today, and will have served a good purpose when it is vacated next October. From 1889 to the present time the following pastors have served this field: J. P. Nary, S. D. Kenner, S. T. Show, O. W. Burtch, C. F. Davis, H. C. Maynard, J. R. Davies, E. H. Nicholson, Thos. Billing, J. F. Pickard, L. L. Tower, Henry Nobbs, James A. Orrock, Jesse T. Dodds, R. C. Manly, I. N. Goodell and Lawrence Radcliffe. During the past ten years the church has made great progress and the membership has steadily grown. Every organization in the church is alive and doing great work. The Sunday school is the largest branch of the church, and at present has nearly 300 members. It is an organized Sunday school using the graded system, and at present there are about ten organized classes. Geo. M. Berry was superintendent of the Sunday school for eleven years, and for the past two years E. W. Nobbs has held his position. In order to accommodate all who attend the sessions, it is necessary to have two divisions, one meeting in the morning at nine-thirty and the other at eleven-forty-five.

In the spring of 1915 the official board decided to build a modern church, and this new structure is now (1916) in the course of construction. The new building will be modern and up-to-date in every particular, and suitable quarters will be provided for every department of the church. The cost will be $13,000, and it will be ready for use by the middle of October, this year. (By E. W. Nobbs.)

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