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The Swedish Lutheran Church of Olivia
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XL
p. 1274

The Swedish Lutheran Church of Olivia. The First Swedish Lutheran church was organized July 15, 1890, and incorporated under its present name March 4, 1891, at the schoolhouse of Olivia, by the following persons: J. O. Lundberg and N. P. Peterson, chairman and clerk, respectively. The first board of trustees were: Andrew G. Thurston, C. B. Carlson, and N. P. Peterson. Among the charter members may be mentioned: John C. Barker, John Miller, Sr., Charles Johnson, Andrew Thurston and Peter Olson. The first officers were Deacons John Miller, Sr., John Barker, and Peter Olson. The services were held in the schoolhouse until October, 1915, when the new church building recently completed was taken into use. It has a full basement, modern heating plant, light and water, and is finished with stucco finish outside and ornamental steel finish inside. A modern parsonage costing $3,000 was erected in 1902. The present deacons are: R. P. Peterson, Erick Johnson, Erick Erickson. The trustees are Nels Swanson, Olof Bohman and A. N. Nelson. The present pastor is Rev. C. O. Bergquist.

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