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Kingman Township
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XLI
p. 1323-1324

Kingman township embraces township 116-34. It is bounded on the north by Kandiyohi county, on the east by Osceola township, on the south by Bird Island township, and on the west by Winfield township.

The first claim in this township was filed by C. H. Pettit August 2, 1866, section 25. In 1869 F. D. Hunt filed on section 2; George B Wright on sections 6, 8, 14 and 20, and Dudley K. Johnson on section 22. The first school was taught by Clara Stearns in L. W. Stearns' house, during the winter of 1878-79. The first birth was W. M., a son of David and Anna Coons, born July 12, 1878. The first death was that of J. H. Sangmyhr, who died May 10, 1881, aged ninety-six years, eleven months and twenty-four days.

Kingman township was organized September 3, 1878, and an election ordered to be held at the home of H. W. Jones, section 20, September 24, 1878. The officers elected were as follows: Supervisors, A. P. Altman (chairman), E. Fouch and D. Coons; clerk, S. T. Salter; assessor, L. W. Stearns; treasurer, H. W. Jones; justices, L. W. Stearns and John Pfeiffer; constables, D. Coons and I. B. Porter. Altman, Fouch and Coons for supervisors, and L. W. Stearns for justice each received seven votes. The other candidates each received six votes. S. T. Salter called the meeting to order. L. W. Stearns was chosen as temporary moderator and S. T. Salter as temporary clerk. The polls were kept open through the day. The judges of election were H. W. Jones, A. P. Altman and John Pfeiffer. The present officers are: Supervisors, George Tauber (chairman), F. H. Manderfield and William Klemenhagen; clerk, O. C. Anderson.

The first real estate assessment in township 116, range 34, now Kingman, was made in 1870. Those assessed that year were: F. D. Hunt, section 2; C. B. Howell, section 2; George B. Wright, sections 6, 8, 14, 20; C. H. Pettit, sections 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35. In 1877 there were added to this list: C. J. Barnes, section 2; R. J. Mendelhall, sections 25, 27, 28, 29; F. H. Clark, section 29; Henry Grethen, section 33; D. K. Johnson, section 22; Thayer & Kingman, sections 25, 27; J. O. Wanvig, section 19; H. B. Howell, section 2; David C. Shepherd, section 3.

The first personal property assessment of Kingman township, 116-34, was made in 1879. Those assessed were: A. P. Altman, John Brooton, David Coons, Wm. H. Frederick, D. W. Guptel, John Gibbs, Henry Jones, Frank Merriman, Leander Stearns, Seth T. Salters, John Pfeiffer, Mrs. S. H. Persson, B. Ever. In 1881, there were added to this list: Samuel Anderson, John Aanderson, Adelbert Wilson, Robt. Regnals.

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