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Troy Township
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XLI
p. 1333-1334

Troy township embraces township 115-35. It is bounded on the north by Winfield township, on the east by Bird Island township, on the south by Henryville township, and on the west by Emmet township. The village of Danube is in the northwestern part of the township and part of the residence portion of Olivia lies within its borders. The C., M. & St. P. crosses the township in the northern part.

August Schendel settled in the township in 1871 and in 1873 brought his family. In 1872 Paul Seeger, Peter Miller and Charles Waldo settled in the township. The first religious meeting was held by the Evangelical society in 1881, a church being built by them that year at a cost of $1,600. The first school was taught in the township by Maggie Ericson in 1877. The first birth was that of Robert Seeger, May, 1873; the first death, Birdie Brown, 1874, and the first marriage, Millard White and Delia Miller, in 1878.

Troy township was organized March 21, 1876, and the first election held on April 8 at the house of Ira Everson: Supervisors, Henry Knauf (chairman), Ira Everson and August Schendel; clerk, J. L. White; assessor, Charles Waldo; treasurer, T. H. Risinger; justices, August Schendel and T. H. Risinger; constable, Charles Waldo. The present officers are: Supervisors, J. A. Fritzen, Julius Manthei and C. A. Stange; clerk, A. W. Black; treasurer, Ed. Grunert; assessor, William Stange; justice of the peace, George Machetedt; road overseer, F. A. Zelmer. The village of Danube furnishes the village hall for town meetings and elections.

The first real estate assessment in Troy township, 115-35, then a part of Henryville, was made in 1874. Those assessed were: David R. Culver, section 22. In 1875, there was added to this list: A. W. Wilcox, section 22. In 1876, there were added to this list (now called Troy); Henry Lusher, section 8; James White, section 22; Julia M. Everson, section 22; Jonathan White, section 24. In 1878, there were added to this list: R. G. Winter, section 8; P. H. Kirwan, section 22; J. W. Hodsdon, section 14; Ira J. Everson, section 14; E. M. Everson, section 14; Dennis Healy, section 26; Amos Casey, section 32.

The first personal property assessment of Troy township, 115-35, was made in 1876. Those assessed were: Amos Casey, John Ericson, I. Everson, Herman Frietes, Thos. Flanagan, J. W. Hodsdon, John D. Johnson, Henry Knauf, E. Lindquist, Peter Miller, John Miller, Wm. Rick, T. H. Risinger, Gustaf Rick, Paul Seeger, Carl Saurel, John Snickari, M. H. Slasson, August Shendel, Gusta Shendel, Robert Stelter, Ferdinand Ulrickson, A. Whip, James L. White, Charles Waldo, Dennis Haley.

In 1915 those assessed for personal taxes in the township were as follows: W. F. Ahrendt, Aug. W. Black, Jac. F. Brtek, Walter Bingenheimer, W. A. Braun.

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