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St. Paul, Minnesota Business Sketches

The KinSource Archives offers articles about the following St. Paul businesses. These articles vary in length, from a paragraph or two, to full length articles. They give information about the businesses such as: past history, owners, types of employees, buildings, and types of products and services rendered.


Merell, Sahlgaard & Thwing
(medium length article)
Mixers of Beverages
(1-2 line descriptions of 31 St. Paul bartenders)
(1-6 paragraph sketches)

Allen, Moon & Co Nathan Ford Merchants National Bank
Arthur, Warren & Abbott Forepaugh & Tarbox Merell & Ryan
Auerbach, Finch & Van Slyck Glidden, Griggs & Co Metropolitan Hotel
Averill, Russell & Carpenter Gordon & Ferguson Nichols & Dean
Bank of Minnesota C. Gotzian & Co Noyes Bros. & Cutler
George Benz & Company F. E. L. Hardenbergh & Co. E. F. Osborne
Bristol, Smith & McArthur Kellogg, Johnson & Co The People's Bank of St. Paul
Campbell, Walsh & Jilson P. H. Kelly Mercantile Company Perkins, Lyons & Co.
Capital Bank of St. Paul Lanpher, Finch & Skinner Robinson & Cary
Colbert, Hill & Co. Lindekes, Warner & Schurmeier Scheffer & Rossum
Craig, Larkin & Smith Mast, Buford & Burwell Co. Strong, Hackett & Co.
Fairbanks, Morse & Co. Matheny, Haynie & Co Ward, Hill & McLellan
Farwell, Ozmun & Jackson Maxfield & Seabury Wilson & Rogers
First National Bank, of St. Paul The Merchants Hotel Yanz & Howes
Foote, Johnson & Co    

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