Minnesota County Histories
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Carl Koshnick
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
pp. 1230-1231

Carl Koshnick and his wife were early settlers in Renville county, following farming for many years. Mrs. Koshnick died in 1901 and is buried in Olivia. Her husband continued to live on the home place until 1911, when he took a trip to Germany, where he died. Their daughter, Hannah Koshnick, was deaf and dumb. She married D. O. Johnson, who was likewise a deaf mute. For many years Mr. Johnson was a tailor and shoemaker in Olivia. In spite of his handicap he was of a genial disposition and a general favorite, and is well remebered by Olivia people. He died in 1898. After his death, his widow and young son, Charles, were provided with a home by Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Weichselbaum. After living with them for twelve years, Mrs. Johnson married Willia Jeske, and they now live in Granite Falls. The son, however, continued to live with the Weichselbaums. He developed into a bright boy of unusual ability and won the affection of his foster parents until today they cherish him as they would their own flesh and blood. He passed through the graded schools, attended the West high school of Minneapolis, and is now with an engineering crew engaged in construction work on the line of the Great Northern.

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