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Gustav A. Boemmels
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 949

Gustav A. Boemmels, a well-to-do farmer in Cairo township, was born July 27, 1879, in the township where he still resides. His father Gotthard Boemmels, died in 1904 at the age of 64, and his mother, Emma (Sell), died in 1914, at the age of 63. His parents owned a farm in section 36, Cairo township, which they bought in 1871. They were married in 1871 and had seven children, William, Edward (killed in a train wreck in 1909), Ernest, Gustav, Adolph, Lydia and Rhudy.

In 1907 Gustav A. Boemmels purchased the home place. He carries on general farming, and makes a specialty of Duroc-Jersey hogs and Hereford and Holstein cattle. He has a barn 50 by 50, with room for fourteen horses and thirty-five cattle, and forty tons of hay. He has also a large hog barn 36 by 50, with concrete foundation with room for 150 hogs. The granary is 28 by 30 and has an elevator holding 4,000 bushels of grain. The chicken house is 16 by 43. The house is a large two story building, 18 by 34, with an ell, 18 by 26, with a basement under the main part ready to equip with steam heat. The farm is thoroughly tiled, four and a half cars of tile having been used at an expenditure of over $1,000. There are 340 acres of land of which 160 are in section 25. The land is all level, slightly rolling prairie land, the buildings being on the west side of the farm in a nice grove. Both Mr. and Mrs. Boemmels have attended the St. Paul Park College for two years, and Mrs. Boemmels graduated from the Music department in the spring of 1907. Mr. Boemmels has been the township treasurer for four years. Mr. Boemmels was married June 14, 1911, to Verna Bothe, daughter of Henry Bothe, aged 58, a farmer living near St. Paul Park, and Louisa (Bang) aged 49. They have one son, Cyrus, born December 5, 1912, and one daughter, Murlies, born March 26, 1915.

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