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Hans Thoroson Hanson
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 979

Hans Thoroson Hanson, a highly respected early settler, now deceased, was born in Norway in 1805 and there spent his early manhood. In 1862 he with his wife, his two sons and a daughter came to America and located on Highland Prairie in Fillmore county, where they remained until 1867. In that year they set out for Renville county and after arriving filed on a claim in sections 18 and 19, Hawk Creek township, where they started pioneer life in a crudely constructed shack. They passed through all the vicissitudes of frontier life and in time achieved the prosperity which they so richly deserved. Mr. Hanson died in 1889. His good wife who was born in 1810 died in 1880. In the family were five children: Hans, Thorvald, Olaus, Mary and Christopher, all born in Norway.

Thorvald, Olaus and Mary came to Fillmore county with their parents in 1862, and to Renville county in 1867. Christopher did not come to America until later.

Hans was born Jan. 29, 1838, and now farms in Chippewa county, He is appropriately mentioned elsewhere.

Thorvald was born in 1840 and upon coming to Renville county took a homestead in section 18, Hawk Creek township, where he farmed until his death.

Olaus was born in 1844 and upon coming to Fillmore county took land in section 19, Hawk Creek township. He became a man of considerable distinction and carried on farming until 1911, when he sold his farm to his son-in-law, John Agre.

Mary is the wife of K. O. Agre of Hawk Creek township.

Christopher was born April 26, 1836, and now farms in Hawk Creek township. He is appropriately mentioned elsewhere.

Julia was born Jan. 20, 1880, and died in 1897. In addition to these nine there were two who died in early infancy.

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