Minnesota County Histories
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John Stange
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
pp. 1063-1064

John Stange, was born in Germany in 1844. He came to America in 1869, settled in Wisconsin and was married there, in 1870, to Ulricka Brown, removing to Renville county soon after where he homesteaded eighty acres in Troy township. He became quite well off and at one time owned 800 acres of land, the most of which he has divided among his children. He began life in Renville county with so little of this world's goods that it was necessary for him to do his plowing and hauling with a horse and a cow hitched together. He has property at Danube and is a stockholder in the Danube Mercantile Company. He and Mrs. Stange reside in Danube, two of his sons, William and Christ, residing on the farm which they are working. There were seven children in the family: Ernest, dead; William, on the farm; John, who lives in Havelock, North Dakota; Christ, on the farm; Frank, of Havelock, North Dakota; David, who resides at home and Henry J.

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