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John Swendby
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 950

John Swendby, deceased, was born in Norway and died in Renville county in 1886 at the age of forty-five years. He came to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and from there moved to Renville county where he located in section 34 of Crooks township, where his widow, Mrs. Simon Hanson, now lives. He secured 80 acres of wild prairie land and built a small frame house 14 by 16 feet. Here he and his wife moved after their marriage in 1878. He used a team of horses to clear up the land and began improving his farm. He was a member of the Norwegian Lutheran church. His wife, Mina, was born in Norway Oct. 24, 1859, daughter of Hans Gunderson and Anna (Jacobsen) Gunderson, who had eight children: Gunder, Martha, Johan, Mina, Hannah, Helena, Anna, and Hogan (deceased). Of these Mina, Johan, and Helena came to America in 1879, coming to Minnesota and settled in Renville county. Mr. and Mrs. Swendby had three children: Anna, Oscar and John. Anna is now Mrs. Guren Kurnes of Crooks township and has five children, Alfred, Martin, Theodore, Gudrun and Inez. Oscar lives in Cavalier county, North Dakota, and married Mary Nelson. They have two children, Morris and Joel. John also lives in Cavalier county and married Anna Idlen. They have one child, Myrtle.

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