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Joseph Weichselbaum
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 1231

Joseph Weichselbaum was born in Bavaria, Germany, came to America as a young man. For a time he engaged in blacksmith work at Lakeville, in Dakota county, this state, and there married Elizabeth Schneider, a native of Luxembourg. From Lakeville, where they were numbered among the pioneers, they went to Minneapolis and lived for a few years. Then they went back to Dakota county and took up their home in Farmington until 1878, when the family moved to Kranzburg, South Dakota, and took a homestead a mile and a half out of the village, while Mr. Weichselbaum operated a blacksmith shop within the village limits. He died on the farm in 1898. After his death the mother and son George moved to Olivia, Renville county, where they lived for several years. Now at the age of eighty-five, Mrs. Weichselbaum makes her home at Hamilton, Montana, in the Bitter Root valley. Mr. and Mrs. Weichselbaum have six children, Mathias, Mary, John, Joseph, Michael and George. Mathias lives in Minneapolis. Mary is the widow of W. Kligle and lives in Hamilton, Montana. John has a small fruit ranch at Hamilton, Montana. Joseph lives in Gemmell, Minn. Michael is dead. George conducts a fruit farm at Hamilton, Montana.

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