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Lornts J. Romo
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 1219-1220

Lornts J. Romo, one of the earliest pioneers of Wang township, was born in Norway, Jan. 8, 1837, taking his name, with a slight change of spelling from Romoe, the farm where his family had lived for many generations. He was there reared, grew to sturdy manhood, and, on Nov. 15, 1860, married Mallena Dahl, who was born in Norway, May 14, 1837. There also were born their two oldest children, Jens and Sarah, the latter of whom, better known as Sigri, is now dead. This family set sail on an old-fashioned schooner in 1865, and, after seven weeks on the ocean, landed, and found their way to Minnesota, where they took up their home in Goodhue county. In 1869 they set out with their three children and located in section 30, Wang township, securing a tree claim of eighty acres and a homestead of eighty acres more. Although arriving in November after the winter had set in, Mr. Romo constructed a dug-out and the family was made fairly comfortable. Food, however, was of the plainest and prices were high. Mr. Romo often brought flour on his back from the mill many miles away, but so high was the price of flour that even $10 worth was not a great burden. Many stories could be told of the pioneer experiences of this family. The trip from Goodhue county was made with an ox team, and took two weeks. With them the family brought their household goods, a few provisions, and some cows. Privations were many in their new home. One year the crop was destroyed by grasshoppers. They suffered in many of the early storms, and on one or two [occasions] when storms overtook Mr. Romo it was only by the greatest effort that he managed to reach a place of safety. Thus the years passed by. The dug-out was replaced two years later with a log cabin, one of the first in the neighborhood. Later a frame house was built, and this, remodeled and improved by the son, John, is still standing on the home place. The original farm was increased until it consisted of some 240 acres, and the family became leading people in the community. In church work, Mr. Romo was especially active; he was one of the first members of the Hawk Creek church, and held therein such positions as that of deacon. Though he is now retired from the active duties of life he still retains his interest in everything that has for its object the good of the community, and his opinions are always received with respectful attention. The good wife died in the spring of 1904. The children in the family are: Jens, Sigri (deceased), Emily, of Pine City, now wife of Gust Nelson; John (deceased), Martin (deceased), John, Henry, of Hawk Creek township, Julia, Albert, of Sisseton, South Dakota; and Julius (deceased).

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