Minnesota County Histories
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Ole Kravik
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 1163

Ole Kravik, for some years a resident of Renville county, was born in Nore, Nummedahl, Norway, and there grew to manhood. There also in 1880 he married Joran Kjontvedt. That year they set sail from Norway, landed in America, found their way westward to South Sacred Heart, and here lived until 1887, when they moved to North Dakota and settled on a farm near Minot. In 1892 they returned to South Sacred Heart, but in 1895 once more left here and settled near Madison, this state, where they are now engaged in farming. Mr. and Mrs. Kravik are the parents of thirteen children: Maria, Ole, Lena, Josephine, Hannah, Emil, Clara, Herbran, Carrie, Ella, Charlotte, Inga and Regina. Ole married Elizabeth Henningsgaard, lives in Madison, this state, and has three children. Josephine is the wife of Lars Sunde, of Hankinson, North Dakota. Hannah is the wife of Oscar Olson, of Lostine, Oregon, and they have two children. The others are all at home.

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