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Wencel C. Kodet
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
p. 1113-1114

Wencel C. Kodet a well-known farmer of this county, was born in section 28, Henryville township, Sept. 9, 1883, son of Joseph, a farmer in Henryville township, and Theresa (Swoboda) Kodet. He remained at home until he was twenty-four years of age and then bought 160 acres of land in the southeast quarter of section 28, Henryville township, where he still lives. He has been successful and has taken active part in the work of the township. He was treasurer of School District No. 27 for six years and assessor for one year. He is of the Catholic faith. Mr. Kodet was married May 15, 1908, to Josephine Sokolik, widow of Frank Sokolik, a farmer in Henryville township. She was born March 10, 1890, and is the daughter of John Zetah, a retired farmer at Olivia, and Mary, (Budik), who died Dec. 27, 1914, at the age of sixty years. By Mrs. Kodet's first marriage there were two children, Lillian and Della Sokolik. Mr. and Mrs. Kodet have one child, Mildred, born Aug. 13, 1909.

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