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The History of Renville County

Volume 2

Chapter XLI

  Pages 1290-1339  

Story of the Settlement and Growth of Renville County Townships - Location - Boundaries - First Settlers - Early Tax Lists - Thrilling Incidents - Reminiscences - Stories Told by Early Pioneers


Renville county has twenty-seven political townships. They are Wang, Ericson, Crooks, Winfield, Kingman, Osceola, Brookfield, Boon Lake, Hawk Creek, Sacred Heart, Emmet, Troy, Bird Island, Melville, Hector, Preston Lake, Flora, Henryville, Norfolk, Palmyra, Martinsburg, Beaver Falls, Birch Cooley, Bandon, Wellington, Camp and Cairo. Some like Wellington and Emmet take their names from great heroes; some like Ericson, Crooks and Henryville take their name from early settlers or prominent county officials; some like Birch Cooley, Beaver Falls, Hawk Creek, Preston Lake, Boon Lake and Bird Island take their names from geographical features; many like Hector, Wang and Cairo take their names from older localities; one, Flora, takes its name from a horse; some, like Sacred Heart and Camp, take their names from early historical incidents.

Bandon Township 1305-1306   Henryville Township 1322-1323
Beaver Falls Township 1300-1302   Kingman Township 1323-1324
Birch Cooley Township 1290-1292   Martinsburg Township 1324
Bird Island Township 1292-1300   Melville Township 1324-1325
Boon Lake Township 1303-1305   Norfolk Township 1325-1326
Brookfield Township 1302-1303   Osceola Township 1326
Cairo Township 1307-1308   Palmyra Township 1326-1327
Camp Township 1306-1307   Preston Lake Township 1327-1329
Crooks Township 1308-1310   Sacred Heart Township 1329-1333
Emmet Township 1312-1313   Troy Township 1333-1334
Ericson Township 1310-1312   Wang Township 1334-1338
Flora Township 1313-1315   Wellington Township 1338-1339
Hawk Creek Township 1315-1320   Winfield Township 1334
Hector Township 1320-1322      

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