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Winfield Township
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XLI
p. 1334-1335

Winfield township embraces township 116-35. It is bounded on the north by Kandiyohi county, on the east by Kingman township, on the south by Troy township, on the west by Crooks township.

The first claim was filed in this township on April 17, 1869, by Christian Michael in section 18. In 1870 F. A. Atwater filed on section 18. In 1877 Friedrich Zinne filed on section 28 and Carl Henning on section 30. The first school was taught in the winter of 1876 at T. Ulrickson's house. Albert Lindquist, in August, 1872, was the first birth in the town. The first religious meetings were held by the Norwegian Lutherans in 1874.

Winfield was created as Liberty township April 17, 1878, and the first meeting was ordered to be held at the home of Ulrick Julson May 4, 1878. There was evidently some informality about this organization, as on December 3, 1878, another petition was granted, organizing and naming the town. Three days later the same petition was again granted and an election was ordered. The town was duly organized at a meeting held December 27, 1878. The following officers were elected: Supervisors, W. A. Morgan (chairman), A. Nelson and clerk, A. D. Simpkins; treasurer, John Miller; assessor, John Erickson; justice of the peace, William Hodgdon; constables, P. Olson and Ulrick Julson. The election was held at the residence of D. John Johnson, on Long Lake. The next meeting was held on March 3, 1879, and all the officers re-elected. At the next meeting held at the clerk's office, March 26, 1879, the name of the town by order of the county board, was changed from Liberty to Winfleld, another town in the state having previously been given the name of Liberty, The present officers are: Supervisors, Henry Heinemann (chairman), Charles Cuta, Fred Schroer; clerk, George H. Billiar; treasurer, William A. Johnson; justices of the peace, Carl Laummer, Robert J. Sommerfield; constables, Joseph Havlisch, Robert Johnson; assessor, Robert J. Sommerfield. Meetings are held in the schoolhouse of district 74.

The first real estate assessment in township 116, range 35, now Winfleld, was made in 1870. Those assessed that year were: Christian Michael, section 18; William J. Foster, sections 27, 28; Thomas Druder, section 34. In 1878, there were added to this list: Frederick Zinne, sections 28, 30; Carl Henning, section 30. By 1882, quite a number had acquired real property in Winfield township, 116-35. Those assessed that year were: Eric Whipp, section 2; Eric Lindquist, section 2; John Ericson, section 2; Fredrick Ulrickson, section 4; J. Ulrickson, section 4; Henry Johnson, section 7; B. C. Johnson, section 7; Nels Nelson, section 7; N. A. Nelson, section 14: Ulric Julson, section 14; Samuel Peterson, sections 15, 21, 23; O. E. Helberg, section 16: Peter Hanson, section 17; John Gustofson, section 17; Christian Michael, section 18; John Snicker, section 22; D. J. Johnson, section 22; Fred Zinne, sections 28, 30; T. Hendricks, section 30.

The first personal property assessment of Winfleld township, 116-35, was made in 1879. Those assessed were: John Buxton, Wm. Buethe, F. Ditman, W. John Ericson, Andrew Ericson, Christ Esemann, John Gustafson. F. Heman, F. Hendricks, Gustaf Herman, Ole Helberg, Wm. Hodgdon, Ulric Julson, D. Eric Johnson, D. John Johnson, Ole Julson, John Keter, Eric Lindquist, John Miller, Jr., John Miller, Sr., Wm. Morgan, N. A. Nelson, Samuel Peterson, E. Palmlund, John Snicker, C. Smith, T. Ulrickson, Jul Ulrickson, Eric Wipp, F. Zinne.

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