Minnesota County Histories
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The History of Renville County

Volume 2

Chapter XLIII

  Pages 1342-1350  

Birch Cooley Monument - Birch Cooley Tablets - Redwood Ferry Monument - Faithful Indians' Monument - Captain Marsh Monument - Friendly Chippewas' Monument - Fort Ridgely Monuments - Muller Monument - Henderson Monument - Earl Monument - Schwandt Monument - Renville County Martyrs.


Rich as Renville county is in historic tradition, sanctified as her soil has been by the blood of martyrs, notable as her territory is as the scene of some of the most stirring events in Minnesota history, it is fitting that many hallowed spots, here and there, should be marked with permanent marble and granite, suitably inscribed as a memorial to the past and an inspiration to the future.

The Minnesota Valley Historical Markers 1342   The Schwandt Monument 1346
Birch Cooley Tablets 1342   The Fort Ridgely Monuments 1346
The Faithful Indians' Monument 1342-1343   The Captain Marsh Monument 1346
The Redwood Ferry Monument 1343   The Muller Monument 1346-1347
The Birch Cooley Monument 1343-1345   The Chippewa Monument 1347
The Henderson Monument 1345   Renville County Martyrs 1347-1350
The Earl Monument 1345-1346      

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