Minnesota County Histories
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The Danube Creamery
The History of Renville County, Volume 2
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge
Chapter XXXIV
p. 814

Nov. 11, 1912, N. I. Hugger opened the Danube Creamery for business. It was built and operations started in 1908, but at the time Mr. Hugger opened it, it had for some time been standing idle. There are now some 200 patrons owning some 1,000 cows. The Danube "Review" of March 11, 1915, says in part:

"It has been proven over and over again that the local creameries of Minnesota are a better market for cream than the central creameries in the large cities, and that in this state where about one thousand creameries are in operation the farmers receive from six to eight cents a pound more for butter fat than the farmers are receiving in Nebraska and Kansas where the centralizers have killed the local creameries. Only a few years ago the Danube Creamery was standing idle, and a constant demand was made that it be started again as it was a disadvantage for the town and surrounding country to be without a local market for cream. In the fall of 1912 the Danube Creamery was reopened and has since been a success and of great value to the farmers. Now there is less cream shipped from here than any other similar point along the Milwaukee road. This also proves that we have a class of farmers that are loyal to the local creamery and are willing to put their shoulders to the wheel and help a worthy project.

"The Danube Creamery opened up for business on Nov. 11, 1912, and since then has handled 805,951 pounds of cream out of which it manufactured 274, 796 pounds of butter. The farmers patronizing this institution received nearly $70,000 for butter-fat. The creamery is equipped with the most modern machinery that money can buy. The grade of butter made is of high quality and sells at a premium over the market. For this reason the creamery is in a position to pay its patrons the highest market price for their cream and still give them the fullest credit test and weight. The average price paid for butter-fat in February was thirty-one cents a pound."

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