Minnesota County Histories
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The History of Renville County

Volume 2

Chapter XXXIV

  Pages 808-820  

Story of the Growth of the Industry in Renville County - Present Importance of Dairying - Present and Past Creamery Companies.


Inquiries have been made of the secretaries of the various creameries asking for a history of their respective institutions.
In a few instances no reply has been received.
Preface 808-810   The Franklin Farmers' Coöperative Creamery 815-816
The Bird Island Coöperative Creamery 810-812   The Hector Creamery Association 816
The Boon Lake Coöperative Creamery Co. 813   The Melville Coöperative Creamery Company 816-817
The Brookfield Coöperative Dairy Association 813   The Morton Creamery Co. 817
The Buffalo Lake Creamery 813   The Norfolk and Palmyra Farmers' Creamery Association 817-818
The Danube Creamery 814   The Central Creamery Association of Olivia 818
The Fairfax Creamery Association 814   The Sacred Heart Creamery 818
The Fairfax Coöperative Creamery Co. 814-815   The Kolbert Creamery & Produce Co. 818
Other creameries that have been incorporated in this county are as follows:
The Buffalo Lake Farmers' Creamery Co. 819   The Martinsburg Coöperative Creamery Co 820
The Erickson Farmers' Coöperative Creamery and Cheese Association 819   The Clover Leaf Creamery Co. 820
The Flora Farmers' Coöperative Creamery Association 819   The Farmers' Coöperative Creamery Co. 820
The Flora Creamery Co. 819   The Sacred Heart Farmers Creamery Co. 820
The Henryville Coöperative Creamery Co. 819-820   The Winfield Creamery Co. 820

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