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The History of Renville County

Volume 2

Chapter XXXIX

  Pages 1239-1256  

Early Judicial Affiliation - Territorial Judges - District Judges - Early Courts - Murder Cases - Appeals From the District Court - The Bar - Present and Former Attorneys - Admissions to the Bar - Biography - Written by James McBride George, LL.B.


Preface 1239-1240   Admissions to Practice 1246
First Term Held in County 1240-1241   The Present Bar 1246
Municipal Court 1245   Judicial Officers 1246
The Bar 1245-1246      

Like "the annals of the poor," the list of serious crimes in Renville county is brief. Whether this happy state of affairs be due to the inherent lawabiding character of its people, or to the well-known vigilance of its police officers, or, what is more likely, to the feeling of contentment among its people, "their wants but few, their wishes all confined" - the fact remains that crime is perhaps the only crop that does not grow abundantly on this fertile prairie. The following cases are related to show that there is some foul seed, however, among the grain and that the weeding-out process is not yet complete.

Anderson, Caroline 1241   Olson, William 1242
Gunderjohn, Paul 1241   White, William C. 1241
Howey, Charles 1241-1242   Wolff, William and Cora 1242
Lee, Ole 1241      
Jewell vs. Weed et al. 1242-1243   County Commissioners vs. Gray 1243
Donahue vs. Ladd 1243   Smith vs. Board of County Commissioners 1243
Ladd vs. Newell et al. 1243   1896-1914 1243-1245
German-American Bank of Hastings vs. White 1243   Summary 1245
Dean vs. County Commissioners 1243      
Allen, Oscar A. 1254-1255   Hopkins, Frank H. 1252-1253
Baker, Harold 1246   Kane, Charles L. 1247
Baker, James B. 1254   McGowan, William W. 1247
Barnard, Lynas D. (photo) 1248-1249   McPhail, Col. Samuel 1247
Bowler, Burton H. 1246   Matson, Charles Newel (photo) 1249
Carlson, Lawrence M. 1255-1256   Megquier, George H. 1247
Christianson, G. T. 1246   Miller, Samuel R. 1250-1251
Daly, Richard T. (photo) 1248   Murray, Frank (photo) 1253
Dalzell, John A. 1255   Rieke, August V. 1247
Dorman, J. M. 1246   Russell, J. F. 1247
Flaherty, Morgan J. 1248   Schoregge, John J. and William F. 1248
Freeman, John McDonough 1251   Stuart, Robert K. 1256
Gage, George F. (photo) 1251-1252   White, William C. 1247
Giltner, H. C. 1246-1247   Williams, D. D. 1247-1248
Hamrum, A. U. 1247      

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